Mediation, not divorce wars

<a href=”″> The Associated Press</a> identifies mediation as a method for successfully resolving divorce litigation.

David Crary writes (excerpt):
“Most clients in a dispute are looking for an honorable peace, not war,” Boston lawyer David Hoffman wrote in recent op-ed for The Christian Science Monitor. . . .
The firm analyzed 199 of its recent divorce cases, and found that mediation, collaborative divorce and litigation all produced high rates of successful settlement. Mediation was by far the least expensive option, with a median cost of $6,600, compared to $19,723 for a collaborative divorce, $26,830 for settlements negotiated by rival lawyers, and $77,746 for full-scale litigation.
Mediation [in which divorcing couples entrust a resolution to a single neutral mediator] is another popular option for divorces . . . .

“At the heart of mediation is the belief that people can solve their own problems,” said Carl Schneider, a psychologist . . . .

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