How divorce mediation promotes parenting

The Wall Street Journal shows the benefits of divorce mediation, leapfrogging from the news that Robin Williams and his wife, Marcia Garces Williams, were divorcing.

Stephanie Coontz writes (excerpt):
There is ample evidence that we can increase the incidence of “good” divorces. In a 12-year follow-up of couples randomly assigned to either mediation or litigated divorce, Robert Emery and his colleagues found that as little as five to six hours of mediation had powerful long-term effects. Parents who took part in mediation settled their disputes in half the time of parents who used litigation, and they were much more likely, even 12 years later, to jointly discuss children’s discipline, moral training, school performance and vacation plans. Nonresidential parents with mediated divorces maintained much more contact with their children than those who had litigated.

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